Grip means the way a player hold the racket


Different types of grips are there, prying pan grip, boxing grip, doubles grip, back hand grip etc:-


Do not hold grip very firmly with locking of wrist. This will effect the flow of force to the hand resulting in lack of angle, direction and length in your strokes and cannot vary the pace of shots you make. (pic) It is better to hold the grip with finder tips that is the pressure points on the fingers. In some occasions, you have to vary or adjust your grip according to different strokes and situation. Some time you have to rotate slightly, mostly, when you have to convert to backhand grip. Should not hold the racket too loose you may lose control of racket (pic) HOW TO HOLD THE RACKET(GRIP)

Place your right hand (by a right hander) palm on the stringed face of the racket as shown in the picture ,hold the racket with left hand keeping the racket bud close to your body, slowly slide down through the shaft of the racket towards the handle of the racket in a way to shake hand with the racket. While holding the racket the first finger of your hand holding the racket should be little headed as shown in the fig:. The first finger and thump of your hand holding the racket should make a “V” shape with racket handle or shaft. The racket shaft and the hand position should resemble an arrow head.




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